Oregon State Certified Home Inspector # 337 | Oregon C.C.B. # 110603

Commercial Inspections

Buckley’s Inspection Services, Inc. also provides inspection services for commercial investors. Nathan completed the A.I.I.™ Commercial Certification class in 2002 (#C5005). We specialize in small to mid-size commercial buildings and Nathan has inspected everything from a 2000 square-foot office building to a 42,000 square-foot, 400-seat call center. He has also inspected several hotel/motel buildings.

Commercial buildings typically have more complex mechanical systems than those found in standard residential construction. Commercial Inspections include:

  • General Structure
  • Foundation
  • Exterior Surfaces and Drainage
  • Parking areas
  • Roof
  • Plumbing System
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Electrical System

Further information and references can be provided at your request.

Nathan has inspected several multi-family buildings in the Klamath Basin and can tailor the inspection to fit your needs. He has inspected properties ranging from single-building duplexes to multiple building apartment complexes and many properties in between. Multi-family inspections can include only the pest & dry rot inspection, the pest & dry rot and whole house inspections of all units, or a random sampling of the client’s choice of a percentage of the units on large complexes.

Please call our office for further information.

Fees for commercial and multi-family buildings can vary widely, depending upon the inspections requested and the amount of time involved on-site and reporting. Information we take into consideration when preparing a quote includes knowing if the building(s) are built on a slab or a crawl space, the total number of buildings, the total number of units per building, the type of units being inspected (office-type, residential-type, etc.), the total square footage, and the scope of the inspections requested.

Please call us for a customized quote if you are considering the purchase of a commercial or multi-family property.